For wedding creatives who are ready for next-level strategy and exposure. Your flourishing business deserves some kick-ass marketing.


For wedding creatives who are ready for next-level strategy and exposure. Your flourishing business deserves some kick-ass marketing.






March 11, 2022

Investments To Make Before Outsourcing

When I get on consult calls with potential clients, I’m always obsessed with their enthusiasm. Whether they’re just now learning about the value Pinterest & blogging will bring to their business (and pockets ;)) or they’ve just been waiting to take the leap, it’s my job to they’re as educated as possible on what they’re getting into. Pinterest & blogging success doesn’t happen overnight, which is why it requires not just strategy, but consistency as well. 

If you’re wanting to invest in long-term Pinterest and/or blogging services, it’s important that you already have experience investing in your business. Not only that, but these four specific investments are actually more important than investing in my services! They also set the foundation for Pinterest & blogging success, and ensure there won’t be any hiccups in our journey together. 


Branding is so much more than just pretty fonts and colors. Having your branding done by a professional will give you so much clarity in your business, and will help you truly stand out as a wedding creative. The right brand designer/strategist will take the vision that you have for your business and bring it life better than anyone could! 

Why you should invest in branding before outsourcing blogging & Pinterest – 

  • So that you have a clear vision for your brand & business, which will help me curate a custom and effective strategy for you 
  • So that I have assets from you to create on-brand graphics for you to utilize for Instagram & Pinterest 
  • So that I have a better understanding of your brand voice & ideal clients

My brand designer recommendation – 

Sainte Noire is my personal brand designer and has since pivoted to working with photographers! Her insight on brand design is seriously out of this world, and all her clients absolutely rave about her. To inquire with her or learn more about her services, click here

Web Design

I think most of us have tried to DIY our website at one point or another, right? But unless you have experience in web design and understand the consumer psychology behind it, you should definitely be hiring a professional.  Especially once you decide that your business is your baby and you’re in it for the long haul, a professional website will take you such a long way. 

Why you should invest in web design before outsourcing blogging & Pinterest – 

  • Web design is a hefty expense, and for a good reason. Having your website professionally done before outsourcing Pinterest & blogging will prevent any financial hiccups that may hinder the consistency (and therefore ) of my services
  • With Pinterest, if you have to switch domains, you have to literally start from scratch. That means if we’re in the middle of a Pinterest strategy and you need to change your domain, all the progress we’ve made will be lost and we’ll have to start over with Pins linking back to your new domain. 

My web designer recommendation – 

Guess what? Sainte Noire is also a web design studio for photographers! In fact, she has this amazing service called Website in a Week, where she designs a professional, badass website for you in just 5 days. This was the service I invested in when I re-did my website, and her process was absolutely seamless! To inquire with her or learn more about her services, click here.

Website SEO

If you’ve read my Why Blogging Should be at the Top of Your To-Do List blog, you know that having your website SEO done is a must. Because your clients utilize Google to find + book wedding vendors, it’s crucial that your website is optimized to be found on search engines. If you skip this step, you’re missing out on some major dream client inquiry potential. 

Why you should invest in web design before outsourcing blogging & Pinterest –  

  • Website SEO is the necessary foundation for ranking on search engines like Google. If you’re hiring someone to handle your Pinterest and/or blogging, you want to make sure you’re maximizing your potential by having your website optimized

My SEO specialist recommendation – 

Sara Does SEO – Sara specializes in working with wedding professionals to improve their website SEO, and she’s pretty damn good at it too. Although I haven’t worked with her personally, I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about her from my past clients! She offers both DFY & DIY SEO services. To get in touch with her, you can click here

CRM System 

If you haven’t already invested in a reliable CRM system, you’re missing out on making your life a hell of a lot easier. With a CRM, you can capture leads, book consult calls, send proposals, and have invoices paid all in one place. The two most popular CRM’s in the online business world are Honeybook and Dubsado, although I recommend Dubsado. I’ve used Honeybook in the past, and Dubsado is far more customizable and automated than the former. 

If you’re investing in something like Honeybook or Dubsado, I highly recommend investing in a CRM specialist to ensure you’re getting the most out of it. Especially when it comes to creating and customizing workflows, it can take hours if you try and do it yourself with no prior knowledge. Trust me, I know that from experience. 

Why you should invest in a CRM before outsourcing blogging & Pinterest –  

  • Once you invest in a CRM, it will free up so much of your time and energy. After that happens, you may decide you want to tackle Pinterest and/or blogging on your own with your newfound free time!
  • Having a CRM should genuinely be one of the first things you invest in if you plan on running your business long-term, period. It’s a big milestone for any entrepreneur out there, and a crucial one! 
  • Your CRM will make your clients’ lives a hell of a lot easier as well. They’ll have their own portal where they can view their contract, invoices, due dates, questionnaires, and appointments with you all in one place

My workflow specialist recommendation – 

Fran of The Passions Collective is a certified Dubsado specialist (uhhh yeah, this bitch is legit) that specializes in making sure your client experience is A1. Fran offers a wide variety of DFY, DIY, and educational services that are perfect no matter what your budget is. To get in touch with her or inquire about her services, you can click here

Those are the 4 investments you should make before outsourcing your Pinterest & blogging! If you want to hire a long term team member (that’s me!), it’s important that you are already comfortable with investing. My monthly retainer services definitely aren’t cheap, so I want to make sure you’re financially and mentally prepared for this long-term investment!

Not ready to make these investments yet, but still need Pinterest & blogging content ASAP?

No worries! I created my VIP Days with you in mind, the wedding pro who knows the value of Pinterest & blogging but isn’t quite ready for the long-term investment. To learn more about my VIP Days, you can click here! Or if you already know this service is right for you, you can book your VIP Day here

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